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Top Alabama Mississippi Private Investigator

Our top Alabama Mississippi private investigator staff at PrivatEyez LLC has more than 25 years in law enforcement and investigative practice. We have an extensive background in crime scene investigation and accident reconstruction cases. Our experience helps our clients and provide more professional credibility during courtroom testimony. As one of the largest investigative firms in Alabama and Mississippi, PrivatEyez LLC also has many personal contacts that we employ to build a network and facilitate the gathering of information.

When you know who to go to for what, it makes the whole process much quicker, more efficient, and results in more credible information. Our investigative staff at PrivatEyez LLC combine a unique wit and compassionate spirit with a street savvy honed from our years of service as an investigative firm. Our dedication to getting the job done is uncompromising.


PrivatEyez LLC operates from a foundation of ethics and integrity. We hold ourselves accountable to you and your clients. Truth in billing is constantly maintained with detailed invoicing.


PrivatEyez LLC utilizes state-of-the-art surveillance equipment coupled with our investigative techniques. Evidence is obtained in ethical and correct legal form. We take pride in managing our client’s case to conclusion.


PrivatEyez LLC believes in trust and confidence. We continually apply strict and confidential standards and practices for maintaining evidence and understand that our evidence is of a very personal nature to our clients.

Mission Statement
  • To provide, without question, the best possible service and results while maintaining our client’s bottom line.
  • To obtain information that is both credible and reliable at all times.
  • To provide the highest quality staff, both personally and professionally, to our clients.
  • To protect our client’s interest and concerns with an honest and open approach to each and every need.