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Alabama Corporate Background Checks Employee Screening

In the field of due diligence and pre-transaction reviews PrivatEyez LLC can provide objective detailed research into Alabama Corporate Background Checks Employee Screening, business practices, litigation history, bankruptcies, insolvencies, hidden assets and liabilities. Independent sources of information can be sought out and verified, through Federal and State regulatory agencies.

Although Alabama is an “at will” employment state, having employees today is much more complex than 20 years ago. When considering new employees, PrivateEyez LLC can provide background checks and employee screening. For possible problems with current employees, we can provide investigations regarding employee theft, threat assessment, asset recovery, fraud, forensic accounting, non-compete, breach of contract, worker’s compensation and other types of investigations.

In the process of conducting business, you need to spend time focusing on new business and current clients, not handling collections, injuries or accidents. Our services can assist you with debt collection, recovery of assets, skip tracing, accident investigation and reconstruction, surveillance and witness statements. When you need information, WE GET RESULTS WHEN OTHERS DON’T!©

Corporate Services include:

Employee Theft Assessment / Asset recovery
Background Checks & Employee Screening
Non Compete‚ and Breach of Contract Investigations
Employee Theft Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Forensic Accounting
Workman’s Comp Investigations